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Weekend Wrap

I watched Equestrian Girls:Friendship Games over the weekend. I'd like to give a high-five to the script writers on that show. You people did AWESOME. That script was solid, tight, heartfelt, and exceedingly clever. You had so much parallelism and mirroring that I'm still finding new comparisons. By God, I could write a serious academic article on that series. You took two previous movies and made them mean something. In short, you kicked ass and then some. All hail to you.

As for our ordinary lives, I made an apple crisp for breakfast on Saturday. It all turned out a bit too sweet. I cut down the nutmeg by 2/3, which was a good call. Nutmeg was plenty. We tried it the next day over oatmeal. I would use less oatmeal next time. The sweet and crisp got a little too lost.

I continued working on Jenny's built-in spice rack. I have it shimmed in. Now I need to figure out the framing. I don't have much material to work with, so I'll need to be methodical.

Finally, I wrapped up The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and now I'm into The Restaurant at he End of the Universe.