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Morning Affirmation

Jen will be heading off to Callifornia next weekend for a confernce. The more that I hear about this series of conferences, the more fascinated I become. The bits and pieces of them lead to such wonderful ideas.

For instance, one technique they use is the public affirmatioin. You tell someone the spirit of how you will do something, like how you will do a task, or even live your day. In this way, you become more of what you wish to be, yet at the same time, your peers hold you accountable and help you to reach that goal. (That's the index card version.)

Oddly enough, once I thought about it, I have done such a thing for my livejournal. The very first thing was my affirmation, to you, about the spriti in which I would write in my journal. Even more so, there have been times when I have NOT written things as they would be against the declared spirit of this journal.

I am ever so fascinated by healthy, human psychology. I adore this idea that healthy minds find an infinite way to cope with the world around us, and that studying these solutions is imperative, as they give us tools. We can then give these tools to the people who need them, or do not know how to cope. It's that sense that knowing what's wrong is not enough, we need to know what is right.

I spoke about the dream journal a few days ago. Did I? It's a dream journal for class. I will be keeping this journal in the spirit of exploration and playfullness. If it's for class, it may as well be fun.

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