Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Wrap

Jenny was away for the weekend, so it was me and DesignGirl for the win.

The day began with breakfast at Nick's Diner. After a little Minecraft, we headed off to Minecraft programming glass.

In the afternoon, I began taking out the elephant grass in the front yard. I sheared it down. Next, I need to start shoveling, but not until next weekend.

I made a small shelf for the kitchen. I'm lifting up some jars off the counter so that the spice bottles get a little more space. I also want to put a spice rack into the wall near the cooking counter, but I should get Jenny's OK for that before I proceed.

DesignGirl went to a sleepover on Saturday night. I cooked chicken for myself. Jenny feared it was bad, so I found a high temperature recipe for it. Turns out, 450 degrees, cooking the wings on a rack on a pan, and 30 minutes gives you AMAZING wings. Tender and juicy. Gotta do that again.

Sunday was jammed pack with church, plus another party.

Jenny's not back until tomorrow, so I sent the girl off to school and I'll pick her up.

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