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Weekend Wrap

Jenny was away for the weekend, so it was me and DesignGirl for the win.

The day began with breakfast at Nick's Diner. After a little Minecraft, we headed off to Minecraft programming glass.

In the afternoon, I began taking out the elephant grass in the front yard. I sheared it down. Next, I need to start shoveling, but not until next weekend.

I made a small shelf for the kitchen. I'm lifting up some jars off the counter so that the spice bottles get a little more space. I also want to put a spice rack into the wall near the cooking counter, but I should get Jenny's OK for that before I proceed.

DesignGirl went to a sleepover on Saturday night. I cooked chicken for myself. Jenny feared it was bad, so I found a high temperature recipe for it. Turns out, 450 degrees, cooking the wings on a rack on a pan, and 30 minutes gives you AMAZING wings. Tender and juicy. Gotta do that again.

Sunday was jammed pack with church, plus another party.

Jenny's not back until tomorrow, so I sent the girl off to school and I'll pick her up.