Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Quiet Weekend

This was a quiet weekend, to be sure. There just wasn't much going on.

I took DesignGirl to her next Minecraft programming class. She's got the head for code. Not a surprise, really. She always excited to be 'good' at something, which is as far as kids can see anyway. In kid language, making yourself get good at something isn't not being good at something. It's all relative. That much said, I do think that she has the head for code.

I'm beta reading a story for a woman. Comedy. The poor thing doesn't know comedy. I can write reams on the subject, because nobody ever really knows comedy, and so much of comedy must come from some inner sense. It's a wonderful example of how doing things right makes the results come out wrong. Comedy is the writing equivalent of a black hole. It distorts space-time around it, resulting in a set of story physics quite unlike that of a proper story.

In reading, I've headed into Mary Stewart's Merlin trilogy. It's a hefty tome. In buying the omnibus, I may not have done myself any favors. My hands literally get tired of holding the damned thing.

I took off on Friday to visit the dentist. I had two cavities. Ouch. After that, I needed blood drawn for my GI. After that, I went shopping for a yearly clothing refresh. I picked up three fitted shirts, with allowed me to remove three elephantine accommodating large shirts from my wardrobe. Yay to better fitting clothes.

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