Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


This weekend saw the first of DesignGirl's Minecraft programming classes. Using Lua and the ProgramCraft mod, the kids are learning to program "turtles." These bots then go and do what you told them to do.

I sat in the first class. It was semi-chaos. The kids loved it.

For Halloween, DesignGirl wanted to be Astrid from How To Train Your Dragon. Heroically, my wife hit the internet, producing a cosplay quality costume for her in 24 hours. Yikes! Way to go, Jenny. The costume held up pretty well, with only the skirt being a pita. I wound up carrying my daughter's sword about.

Daylight saving time ended. How I hate the time transition.

In work, I took off the side panels to the gazebo. I also cleaned up some yard stuff that had been sitting around since the spring. The fig gave us one overripe fig. I ate it and didn't tell anybody, but it was overripe, as I said. There wasn't much joy there. I hope that the fig survives this winter so that we can get figs next year.

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