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The Roaring Twenties (Book Review)

Told with wit, Edmund O. Stillman reviews the 1920s in The Roaring Twenties. A short volume, easy to read, the book reviews many major moments and trends of the 1920s in the United States. If you don't know much about the decade, you'll learn about political corruption, bootlegging, financial corruption, and the less than perfect state of these United States. If you've even thought that the past was wholesome and moral, you should be dispelled of all such notions by the end.

For the serious student of history, the book is a good refresher, touching on the subjects of the day, but is ultimately lacking. The main problem with the text is that Stillman does too good of a job, sucking you back into that time, but then leaving it all too soon.

The book ends all abruptly, even for a history. There's so much more to this decade, so much more to discuss and explore. I want MORE MORE MORE. 110 page just doesn't do the decade justice.