Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Sleepover Weekend

Having grown impatient with my daughter's intransigence at not watching Star Wars, I decided that during a sleepover, I would watch Star Wars and the kids could do whatever they wanted. The plan worked perfectly as all the kids crowded into my office to partake of geek culture. Over the weekend, we watched both Episodes #4 and #5. Myself, I also watched Episode #1 in the morning, with my daughter catching big chunks of it as well.

If that wasn't enough movie watching, I also watched the extended version of the Battle of the Five Armies.

The only real issue was my daughter's bony ass on my lap. That girl has pointy bones where none belong.

I did have some troubles with Episode #1 and the color grading on it was absolutely horrible. The Windows DVD player kept skipping frames at odd times while playing it. VLC had some difficulties as well. All in all, the Trilogy 1-3 acted weird.

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