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Reading List

I thought that I had my active reading list dwindling down (active meaning that I have the book), but then I found a few more books.

So I am now reading:

The Roaring Twenties (on sale, and directly applicable to my current writing projects)
Journey to the West (started four years ago)
The Dispossessed (started when the cat jumped on my lap)
Captains Courageous (begun six years ago)
Old Gerard (begun six years ago)
The Complete Hitchhiker's Guide (a reread, on deck)
The Merlin Trilogy by Mary Stewart (on deck)

That's a good hike of reading to do before I can get my reading schedule back on track. I should get Captains Courageous completed tonight, with the Roaring Twenties wrapping up early next week. After that, I just don't know, except that Journey to the West will take the longest.