Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Camping Weekend

We had a camping weekend this weekend up at Little Bennett. We were joined by some other families with similarly aged children.

The weather itself was notably cool for this time of year. The nights hit the 30's, which meant that we were socked underneath a featherbed. Those things certainly are warm. I retreated fully underneath the covers for two nights in a row. They certainly make everything snuggly.

There for the whole weekend were the Marianne with Jeff and Arden. They had the next camp site over. The kids flittered between the two sites, with our site being the more popular of the two.

For Friday night, Tony and Aggie showed up. The girls slept in a small tent while we slept in the big one. Tone went off to his job and we kept Aggie. We also picked up Alberto and Marissa, and then everyone crowded into the same tend on Saturday night.

Fires were more challenging this time. I had to keep the fire going for extra long times, which meant that I really needed all my firewood prepped and arranged. I had to keep those things going usefully for a long stretch of time. This time, I was able to maintain the cooking fires at a useful temperature without killing it, despite five children all wanting to poke the fire with sticks at the same time.

We only had one mishap when the stick holding up the grill burned through on Saturday night. Nobody was harmed, we lost some boiling water, and the soup somehow survived.

Friday night's salmon cakes didn't work out, becoming salmon hash before the end. Saturday morning was polenta, Saturday night was paella in tinfoil (which worked for me), and Sunday morning was omelets in boiled bags, eggs, and monkey bread. We did monkey bread on Alberto's portable grill. Next time, we need to flip the monkey bread halfway through.

By the time that we got back, we were exhausted.

Being exhausted, this was a good time for DesignGirl to get stung by a hornet in the back yard. The hornets have a nest in our straw bale (which should have never been left out there, but that's another issue). With all the plopping, fermenting tomatoes in the garden, I think that the hornets were all a little tipsy anyway and looking for a fight.

I gave the hornets a fight last night. Foaming hornet killer after bedtime. I hope that the nest is dead by the time that I get home. I need to yank it and burn it. Getting out out of the bail could otherwise be too tough.

And with the frost last night, I need to head out and get the remaining tomatoes today.

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