Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Onto Draft 2

I hit an ending to The Phoenix and the Swan last week. I am now done primary drafting. Over the weekend, I began reading over what I'd written and getting an idea of just what I'd produced.

Overall, the story isn't nearly so bad as I thought it would be. The opening took a fairly substantial amount of elbow grease, but once I got through that, the story has held up. Occurrences of nonsense sentences has been minimal. I've found places to add more detail and to explain away some of my dropped plot lines. On the whole, this rag is turning out far more coherently than it has any rights to turn out.

I added some touches this morning that inordinately please me. They felt right going in.

In terms of fluffing, I'm not adding very much this round. I'm more likely to redraft a paragraph here and there than add fluff. I'll leave more of that until I've gotten feedback from my first readers.

I'll soon be at a place where I can start writing something else. Hopefully I can get back to Double Jack.

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