Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Monday Monday

Had some more teeth work done today. *sigh* It started as a basic cleaning, but wound up with two cavities getting filled. One was a cracked filling. The other was a root getting a bit exposed.

On the list of first, it was the first time I ever did novicane. Yup. I've always done teeth the studly way. I also enjoyed my first laughing gas. That was trippy. Unfortunately, it was a bit too much like the unpleasant part of being drunk, or the lightheadedness of having a migraine, or even that one time that I had narcotics for that kidney stone. In summary, laughing gas ain't as great as all those sitcoms make it seem.

Damned Amazon deleted my shopping cart again. Drat. Fortunately, I've been planning for this. Unfortunately, I haven't made a backup of the cart since January, so I really don't recall what I do and don't have. I think I'll start buying from Twee Kitten instead.

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