Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


This weekend was our yearly renfair weekend. We went. Somehow, it wasn't outrageously crowded nor outrageously hot.

We did our share of bumping into people, amazingly quick for the most part. Cybele from high school was out there being a tall fairy. Mo was a human statue. (I had no conversations with either as they were working.) Bumped into Joe and Cyd.

Design Girl, my daughter, visited the pirate ship playground, but only after seeing the glass maker first. She then went on to climb the climbing wall, something like a spider wearing flip-flops. We spent some time at the joust and watching archery.

Shopping for a wooden sword proved interesting. There were too many to choose from, from the plain ones that you could paint yourself, to the artisan painted ones that were ever so pretty and expensive. In the end, she chose a medievalish wooden sword with a basic paint job.

The occasion of this renfair was Izzy's birthday, so we caught up with my brother-in-law and his wonderful girlfriend and spent time with them as well.

I brought my little camera along. It's not a "good" camera, but when it works well, it really works well. To get good shots, I really had to be on my toes.

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