Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend of Accomplishment

I felt like I accomplished many things this weekend. (Any weekend that includes at least one nap is a winner in my book.)


On Friday night, my car wouldn't start. I had left the windows open, so my car decided to set off its alarm until the old battery was drained, and then the battery died. I got it jumped once, and it started for a bit, then stopped one the parking garage ramp. Due to the weirness of its modern construction, it locked into park and wouldn't even drift. Folks tried to help me with jumps, but even a truck didn't put out enough amps to get the thing going again. Concluding that my battery was dead, I had my wife pick up a new one and bring it down. After the battery swap, the car ran just find. Even better than fine. It reset all the car's learning so that it no longer had the previous owner's driving style learned.

Afterwards, we went home and at outside.

Saturday breakfast was peach pancakes. All were eaten without syrup. They were gooood.

On Saturday, I did some cover redesigning. I finally found something that I liked, creating a new set of covers and putting them up all over. They aren't perfect, by any means, but they are overall more professional looking. What I sacrificed was symbolism. There's little representation of the novels in these more abstract covers.

Jenny and I started designing a Victorian Horror game. She's the lead. It's her vision. We're producing a character setup unlike I've ever seen before. As the rules designer, I'm keeping us as far away from dice rolling as possible. The system should not revolve around dice rolling, its should revolve around player decisions. I think that I have a unique take on "insanity." I'm avoiding insanity, instead focusing on the loss of humanity and the accumulation of hypocracy. And everything, and I mean everything, should come full circle to your social relationships. Last night, we decided that the game has to work as a Victorian game of manners and social status before it can possibly work as a horror game.

I finally fixed the string trimmer. I pulled the feed lever off one broken trimmer and put it on the other. Yay. I now haz wacker. I hacked down the weeds that are the side garden and trimmed the back.

There have been milk crates hanging about from the potato growing experiment two years ago. (Potatoes grown in cardboard boxes.) I cleaned all of those up with the help of my daughter, which meant that everybody got wet. They're still scattered on the front lawn, but they're almost dry.

The weather has been too nice recently. The other night dropped down to 57, when the average August night should be 77. This is really, really weird weather. We must still be in that arctic weather pattern.

My daughter swam in a mini-swim meet for charity. That occupied us on Sunday morning.

I wrapped up Greenwitch and wrote the review.

I spent too much time on Final Fantasy VI. The end was kicking my kiester, so I diverted myself by running about fighting random encounters and leveling the characters. I'll make another attempt at the end soon.

The back yard gates have been listing badly, making them hard to open and close, so I used sand to prop them up. They now work more properly.

I did some other stuff, if I can remember what it was. Most of it was little stuff that's been lying about.

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