Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Rolling Down Hills

I left work early to pick up my daughter yesterday. She found a great rolling down hill at her camp, so we did what must be done: we rolled. In good news, it was a great rolling down hill. In bad news, I lost my pocketknife on the way down. God only knows where the thing rolled out. At least I found my keys. What makes me nervous is that kids can't have knives in school, and at some point, a kid's going to find it. I really hope that I haven't made any trouble.

I also hate losing knives. This was a steel bladed one that I my dad got at auction for cheap. Replacing steel blades is always more expensive than stainless steel. Still, cheap is cheap. I avoid the expensive ones because I lose them one way or another.

DesignGirl is also trying to get her mermaid tail and monofin working right. At this point, we're fairly convinced that we need to redesign the strap for the monofin. The current strap just doesn't do the job.

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