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Cake Decorating Camp

My daughter DesignGirl is at cake decorating camp this week and having an awesome time. The camp is being held in the home ec. room of a junior high. The camp is small, only three girls in the morning and five in the afternoon. This is fantastic for her, as I think that she really likes smaller groups better than big ones. She can't get lost in a small group.

Their job is to make cakes and submit them to the county fair, following all the county fair rules. That means that all the girls must bake their own cakes. On Monday, they went on a field trip to Crispy Creme, bought their ingredients, and learned how to make sculpting chocolate. On Tuesday, they watched a fun film in the morning, then baked their cakes. They also made their icing. They had to do all that themselves, except for taking the cakes out of the hot ovens, because the girls have to make the cakes themselves.

Over the next few days, they decorate their cakes. On Friday, they submit them to the fair. That means that they have to go, fill out the forms, and all that stuff. It's got to be THEM. There don't even get to be any helicopter parents there.

We've penciled in Sunday for going to the county fair and seeing the cakes.