Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Day Off

On yesterday's unexpectedly glorious August weather, I took the day off and went to visit Dad up in Pennsylvania. The drive went easy. I kept the windows open as much as possible.

Dad's doing well. His surgery cleared his artery. He's been getting many fruit baskets as presents, so he sent me home with a bag. The red grapefruit went over like gangbusters. The visit was mostly chatting and listening.

Windows 10 finally rolled to my computer as well. I went through the upgrade process with a minimum of fuss. The upgrade failed immediately. It turned out that I needed to disconnect my Linux drives. After that, the process went smoothly and I now have an operating machine.

The garden has produced yet another bowl of orange cherry tomatoes. And I don't mean a small bowl. I finished hacking up the branches from the mulberry that I pruned two months ago. That leaves me only one brush pile left for the year, then it's onto weeding the back yard bed for a winter garden.

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