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Last month, we got 7 cubic yards of mulch dumped in the driveway. On the first weekend, I must have moved over half of it onto the blueberry beds. After that, it was a week of aches, followed by ten days of vacation. Once I got back, I moved three wheelbarrows a day, finally finishing up yesterday.

We now have a driveway again.

I'm almost done the Chronicles of Pridain. Good. Each book is pleasant enough, but I'm just getting tired of the author. I'm constantly running into factual arguments with the author. "No, it's not done that way," I tell myself. Now, whether he or I am right doesn't matter. What matters is that I keep saying, "Gah!"

Last night's passage was a fine example. The enemy attacked the castle. The defenders didn't want to get trapped in there, so they fielded their smaller army to take on their opponents. Then, their opponents got reinforcements, battered the castle door down, and burned the place down. I cannot begin telling how how full of FAIL that scenario is. The whole point of a castle (or any fortification) is that a smaller number can defend against a larger number. The most typical war scenario of the middle ages was the siege because storming a fortification was as hard. You don't spend decades building a castle if somebody can beat it in a day. The defenders made all the worst possible decisions. They deserved to get defeated. (The only series that I know gets sieges right is The Black Company. I think it's Bleak Seasons where they are dealing with a siege.)

Don't get me started on the fact that the Dark Lord started a war in the middle of winter. FAIL.

At least Alexander gets the mustering of armies right. Raising an army takes time. You have to gather up the people, then you have to march them all to one place.

Anyhow, I'm getting close to the end. All is doom. The heroes have lost. Only one last desperate measure to an unexpected victory.


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