Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Age of Extinction (Film Review)

If you've seen the other Transformers films by Michael Bay, you know what you're in for. You get lots of robots, fighting, one sentence declarations, explosions, and action so extreme that the survivors will need years of psychotherapy. There's also a plot, but it just gets in the way of a good fight scene. Skip the theatre. Pull up some popcorn and beer and let the action rip.

If you can't turn your brain off enough, then this film is an ADHD plot on sugar and caffeine. Who can follow all those reversals? Who would want to follow all those reversals? The action is so extreme that implausible gives it too much credit. And even when you do follow the plot, you won't believe it in when it seems plausible. Really, your case is just hopeless. Don't watch it.

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