Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Wife's Family Reunion

We just got back from ten days away visiting my wife's family. We spent four days in Tulsa visiting Jen's dad and step-mom, then went with them south to Austin, TX, where we stayed with Marlo and Dean.

The AC was malfunctioning when we returned home. The cat was an utter whore for my lap. The lawn has begun turning into jungle.

We flew into Tulsa on the third, slouching about the house for a few days. We made it to the pool for two of those days, getting my daughter some swim practice. On the 4th, we saw "Inside Out" at the local super-fancy theater (complete with leather reclining seats), then stayed in for the 4th. My daughter discovered the game Slamwhich as is now totally enamored by it.

In Austin, we stayed with Marlo and Dean. Also staying there were Jen's brother and his family. Much good playing happened with the girls. We then began the grand visiting tour, going to a different family house every day, culiminating in a huge gathering at Marlo and Dean's. To say that there was too much good food is not a misnomer. I think that we ate more meat in a week than we had in a month. And it was all good.

Getting back proved a bit anxiety-raising as I lost my driver's license. (It was found later.) I had to go through the airport security with extra screening. The wand testing of me came up positive (I don't know what for), so they did an extra-detailed examination of everything, only to find nothing. False positive and damned annoying, but I could get onto the plane.

My books for the trip were The Left Hand of Darkness, The Princess Bride, and The Dispossessed. I completed the Left Hand of Darkness in Tulsa. I'm not quite done the Princess Bride, and the Disposessed will get read soon. Between reading was Final Fantasy VI, which my daughter has glommed onto. I'm still not done that game.

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