Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Writing Update

I did some revisions on A Crown of Silver Stars and I'm happy with the changes. Although I did not dislike the first ending, I think that the genre called for something more confrontational. I'm still not done revising, but I'm getting there.

I did a significant revision on Weeds Among Stone. I cut 10k words out of the manunscript in an effort to tighten it up and focus it in. I have no idea whether it succeeded, but I did find numerous text errors. Most significantly, I rearranged the ending, which I think helped tie the whole thing together far better. The ending should feel more like an ending now.

Following that, I pounded my head against my epub software. An update fixed that.

I'm moving onto iBooks next. I've started the rigamarole yesterday, then forgot about it, then did a little more 

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