Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


My daughter swam in the A-Meet over the weekend. She cut 7 seconds off her time, completing her lap in 33 seconds. If she had started with a good dive instead of a frog leap, she would have touched first. Way to go, girl.

Father's day was our usual visit to Nick's diner. I'm getting my order down. Two eggs, over easy, scrapple, no potato, and only one piece of toast.

My daughter, DesignGirl, is slowly expanding on food. Finally! She liked the beef stock that I bought the other day. She ate saffron rice at the kebab place on Saturday and the roasted tomatoes. Good stuff, that.

The new blueberries came with berries and are now ripening. We're eating some. I think that our local groundhog is eating some, too.

Jenny told a story at church, the King James Blues. You'll enjoy it.

Tags: family

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