Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Summers Birthdays

This was the weekend for summer birthdays in the family.

So, my Aunt Sylvia hit 90, and she got a party.
Meanwhile, my cousins had a tree fall through their house.
Meanwhile, cousin's daughter is engaged. Wedding in January.
Meanwhile, cousin's son is engaged. No date yet.

And that was only the Saturday birthday party.

The Sunday birthday party and Father's Day went pretty low key. We went up to Mom's house and slacked about. My great-nephew Connor was a hoot, wandering about, speaking in one word sentences. I got to see him with my brother, who is just awesome with kids. My daughter's shorter son is now in the 9th grade, 6'3", and still growing. His brother was off to auction school in Iowa or Idaho. (Nobody really goes there, so it doesn't matter.) My other two nephews were off to an O's game.

Meanwhile, my sister is divesting herself of stuff as she prepares for a cross-country trek of continental proportions. (No hyperbole.) She'll wind up in Arizona sometimes around July 4.

And another sister is dating a guy and having a good time. He has a 9 year old girl, which automatically puts him in good grace with me. They've talked THE TALK. She isn't ready yet, but she hasn't run away.

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