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Gritty vs Gritified

The MacBeth trailer out this week got me thinking about gritty. Why is it that Mad Max is gritty and OK, but when MacBeth is gritty, it's ostentatious?

I think that the two basically are two different approaches.

Gritty - A narrative choice made by the author or director where the unhappy results of the plot show.

Grittified - Where dirt is rubbed over everything whether it/they need it or not. An aesthetic choice. Has no bearing on the narrative.

Anyhow, I think that the grittified MacBeth looks aesthetically awful, as if the art director and the costumer had a fling, decided that they hated each other, and then both decided that they hated the director even more. The color grading muted out a majority of all colors. The cinemetographer tried, but he got handed a raw deal.