Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

West River

We had our usual church retreat at West River.

This was the first year that I sent my daughter off with the kids and felt thoroughly comfortable ignoring her for the morning. What I did was write. I had a grand time writing a retro-style SF story, complete with data banks, psi cadets, and vacuum tubes. After that, I wrote a "theme song" for the church, all rather light-hearted and fun.

For the variety show, Jenny tacked our long standing joke, a song about the old testament called, "There's a Whole Lot of Smitin' goin' On." Oh My GOD, she produced this astonishly fantastic diatrabe on the Old Testabment. She'll be performing it again, and when she does, it'll get recorded.

Other than that, the whole weekend was a wonderful waste of time, and I'm proud to have wasted it.

Oddly, my daughter is obsessed with their swimming pool, which is so much cooler than our local pool, even though our local pool is larger and nicer. Maybe it's because that pool has a climbing wall? I have no idea. To her, it's just shinier, newer, and better. 
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