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Long Weekend

I had a long weekend, most of it alternating between exhausting labor and setting up a new writing project.

The labor had to do with the blueberry beds. I had to get the entire bed broken apart and turned, down below nine inches. I would work as long as I could, until my back was just too tired. Yes, I could have worked longer, but really, I'm not going to throw my back out for this blueberry bed project.

My new writing project is a new Shakespeare adaptation. I'm a bit burned out on my current project, so I've decided to shift gears and novelize King Lear. This way, I get to write without having to think about the plot at all. If it sells like MacBeth the Usurper, then it should be another slow putterer, which is better than all my other non-selling titles combined. I cleaned up the Quarto version enough to make the text comprehensible, then started into drafting on Monday. I'm still not done with Act 1, Scene 1, but that's a mighty long scene which sets everything else up. It's more complicated than it looks.

Saturday saw our first day at the pool, now open for the season. I successfully begged off swimming, reading Gene Wolfe's Innocents Aboard instead. (Review to come when I'm finished.) I also started into McCaffrey's Get Off the Unicorn. Meanwhile, my daughter went to the snack bar twice, because you know, she could.

On Tuesday, I had my yearly colonoscopy for Crohn's disease. Everything looks grand. I still hate the process.