Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


After forever and a day, and four attempts, and more waiting, and watchting the continents crumble away and stars die, Weeds Among Stone has gone permafree on Amazon, conveniently on the same day as The Wind Before the Storm went live.


Now I get to see if permafree works for me.

Meanwhile, my wife had good words for A Crown of Silver Stars. The story doesn't faceplant anywhere, so now it's a matter of working out my character's emotional journey. Now that I have the structure, I can look at the humanity.

I put my first readers there, before I explore the emotional arc, because swapping story parts around after the emotional arc appears is far more difficult. I can pace out the emotions and the conflicts far easier if I know that nothing will move later. 
Tags: endhaven, writing

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