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Car Speakers

I waited through the winter, until the weather got warmer, to get new speakers for my car. I almost waited until it was too warm. This was the first morning where the sun felt hot before 9am. Hot is better than cold. I've worked on my car in the cold. Cold sux.

I installed four JL Audio TR570-CXi speakers into my 2005 Ford Five Hundred. The doors came off easily enough, the wiring came off with a bit of wrangling, and then there were the speakers. They were put in using Torx #10's, so I had to dig one of those up. The two front doors needed a short handled philips for the top, front screw. I needed a socket driver to take out the screws in the door handles. I don't recall how many 1/32's that size was.

I purchased the suggested adapters as well. Beats wiring. They fit snug and well. My understanding is that they were generic enough Ford wiring.

The reviews said that they wound good. My opinion? My confirmation bias says that they sound definitely better. However, I won't really know for a bit. There's nothing like the commute to test a system.


On my first commute to work, these fellows operated normally. I won't rave about them, as I'm not an audiophile. They do, however, succeed in being less bad than the stock speakers.

My setup is very simple. I have a Kenwood KDC-HD455U CD Receiver wired straight to the speakers. No subs, crossovers, or anything else that I don't understand. So when I speak of the stereo being less bad than stock, know that I am freakishly ignorant of "good." This thing is pumping out 22 watts of milk toast, white-boy mediocrity.

With me? Good.

The most important test was the noise test. If there's lots of noise going around the car, can I turn up the music in order to increase the clarity? The answer to this is a resounding yes. The distortion caused by increasing the volume did rise to match the other noise. Just with that, we've got a winner. I turned these guys up to their maximum volume and they held together far better than stock. I did hear some distortion rolling through, but I am more likely to blame the budget amp than I am to blame the speakers.

I'm getting far better fequency response. I noted far more low vibrations rolling with the bass. I couldn't hear that low, but the speaker swere producing those low sounds. That's good. The stock speaker's never did anything like that.

Once you're rolling on the road with the windows up, they do okay. I don't say "amazing" or anything like that because there's road noise, and in my opinion, those qualities that make "amazing" get distorted by road noise. That just comes with the territory. If you want amazing, go build a sound insulated listening room.

In terms of showing off, these speakers don't rate. You aren't going to rattle the next car with them. That is not a ding against the speakers as they were just never meant to rattle the windows.

In summary, this installation delivered a measurable improvement in quality (far less distortion), and an improvement in dynamic range. 
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