Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Lawn Mowing

Yesterday, I was going to dig some more when my daughter, DesignGirl, told me that I really needed to mow the back yard. "It's crazy," she said, and she was right. We weren't quite up to roaming tigers, but the back yard was crazy. One mow later, and it's less crazy, but it's still doing its best at being a mess. The grass along the edges survived quite well and all my string trimmers are broken. I suppose that I can hack those down by hand.

I could also spend $50 to replace both broken trimmers.

What's wrong? The battery powered trimmer, anemic from the start, just isn't holding power. I have no desire to keep it working. So, I'll chuck it. As for the other one, I need to hunt down the trimmer head to fix it. I might just do that anyway. Replacing the head should be simple. I found the little levers that broke, too, so maybe I'll just spend the $5. First, though, I need to find my model number. 
Tags: family

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