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Weekend Wrap

I am now awaiting a delivery of new speakers for my car. I've ordered two pairs of JL Audio TR570-CXi 5x7 speakers. Not only are there reviews from other Ford Five Hundred owners, but I did a bit of shopping about, discovering the pair $50 less. That knocked $100 of the total.

Jenny's been a fairy making maniac lately. It's a whole fascinating story about how she wants to make and sell fairies and fairy items without the regulatory burden imposed due to toy safety. The whole situation is an absolutely maze. As an example, Jennny can't use plastic straws in her dolls because they haven't been tested for thalates, but kids can drink from them. For the whole dog and cat story, it's best to chat with her. Anyhow, Jenny took some of her dolls to a craft show to sell, moving very few.

Crafting, that's a hard row to hoe.

Thinking of hoeing, not ho-ing, I spent far too much of the weekend busting up grass clods in order to recover the dirty. I might sound crazy doing that, but that's good dirt on those clods. I look forward to the opportunity to actually start turning the beds that I'm digging.

Jenny's almost done the edits for The Wind Before The Storm. Meanwhile, I'm tuning up A Crown Of Silver Stars, and will hopefully send it off to my readers. Once that's sent, maybe I'll do another crack at Double Jack. After that, I pick up with Targa again in The Phoenix And The Swan. I have no idea what it will be about.



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May. 11th, 2015 05:52 pm (UTC)
Boggle. The straws are food but not play safe? Different regulatory agencies I guss :-(
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