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Let's Conquer Texas

All numbers are approximate. I based them on reality as much as possible, so even being horribly wrong, they still give us an idea of how much it would cost to conquer Texas.

[1] The population of Texas (26 million) is remarkably similar to the population of Iraq (33 million), including similar environments.

[2] According to https://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/natsec/R40682.pdf, Iraq required about 300,000 troops (infantry + support) at its height. Given that Texas is more heavily armed, those numbers are likely to be larger.

[3] Iraq cost about $850 billion dollars. Texas would be cheaper. I'll estimate total cost at $40 billion per year for troops and ten years of occupation.

[4] You need shelter for all the millions that you are to going to convert into Muslims. Assuming a four week, intense training course, that's $20 per person, per day in food, or $20 x 30 days x 26 million people = $15 billion dollars.

[5] Trainers cost money. Assuming one trainer per 30 people, and you idoctrinate a million at a time, I estimate 3333 trainers costing about $75k a year over two years, or $249 million dollars.

[5] A Republican congress needs to approve the $400 billion+ expenditure.

Do you expect the Republican congress to provide $400 billion dollars so that the US military can occupy Texas and turn everyone Muslim? Discuss.