Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Pern Story Idea

Now that I've reread the first few Pern stories, I think that I can sketch one out for you.

Jofen is a journeyman cook, putting in his dues to get his master's knot, but with all the holds full up with people, there's little room for him to make his mark. But when thread began falling at unexpected intervals, dragonriders soon found themselves exhausted and hungry. Against all odds, against abusive young holders, and even against time itself, Jofen discovered a forgotten recipe and brings it back to the table. Together with a new special blend of klah, Jofen introduces the Donuts Of Pern.

That could be followed by: The Klah Shop of Pern, Franchises of Pern, and Weightwatcherwheres of Pern.
Tags: writing

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