Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Tea Party

My wife wanted to take my daughter to high tea yesterday, but all the tea places near us were sold out. Our solution? Throw our own! So DesignGirl invited a friend over for tea. I made sandwiches, my wife ran out for pastries, and we hauled out the fine china from the basement. I was also the waiter. Everyone had a fine time, and I ate all the leftovers. All in all, a good party.

Later on, the girls watched me play Minecraft. I still don't get that.

My friend Christi gave us some raspberry canes. I planted them near the composter.

While I was over Christi's with DesignGirl, the neighborhood, having nothing better to do, came over to play in her driveway. At one point, there were ten kids there. The big amusement were the inflatable balls that were hollow inside. One of them wasn't inflated at all, so the kids all jockeyed for turns to blow up the balls. Yeah, they did all the work. Not bad at all.

I also finished Dragonsinger. I must do that review.
Tags: family

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