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Easter Weekend

Yes, we had an Easter weekend. It's been a long one was I've taken some time off from work.

This Easter holiday was up at my cousin's house. The usual asortment of folks were up.

I completed my long-standing task of digging out the elephant grass. At this point, I only have one tuft left. I then expanded into snipping down the rogue sassifras trees. (That's a way that will never end.) Now I need to actually process all the yard waste that I've generated.

On Monday, we took our daughter and her friend up to Cunningham Falls State Park and had a wonderful time. We had a grand time on the falls, but there was one oops where the friend decided to run down the rocks, which very fortunately, only turned into a skinned knee. Running down those rocks is a really bad idea that can easily lead to broken bones. We then spent time down by the lake and only returned home when the girls decided to sit in the water.

Today I've been catching up on assorted tasks. I cut shelves for the bathroom shelves and moved everything upstairs. It's ready to populate. Using salvage wood, I built a "garage" for the lawn mower. I moved all the hand tools to the top of the mower's storage unit. That greatly ease my storage woes in the basement. It still sucks having all the tools clumped together as they are, but that's greatly reduced from indescribable suckage.

With reading McCaffrey, my reading pace has greatly increased. I'm torn between Dragondrums and the White Dragon, unsure of whether to proceed by publication order or by chronology. As I want to reread the White Dragon the most, I think I'll do Dragondrums first. I'm in the middle of Harper Hall anyway.