Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Adventure Weekend

The weekend started with snow, which inspired Design Girl to boo it. I don't blame her. We're all tired of snow.

On Saturday morning I made some cinnamon rolls. They came out very well, almost picturesque. As the sugar layer of the roll kept coming out too dry, I patted down the dought with water before adding the sugar, helping the cinnamon and sugar melt just a bit. I also made sure to get that first bit of the rolling very tight, which greatly helped the rest of the rolling.

On Saturday night, we hosted the pot luck for the Parents of Young Children. The Trio of terror united, all three girls, plus poor Jeff who got squeezed out. One of entertainments was a parade of American Girl dolls. Sadly, we wound up with too much pasta as a guest brought a pasta salad while we supplied a big pan of ziti. Oh, well, it all good food anyhow.

On Sunday, I rode herd on the kids at church, and boy-oy-boy, were they ever a wound-up bunch. You'd think that they hadn't played since November or something. I'm surprised that they didn't scale the building and try flying off.

Sunday brought a late date night. We went to a new Peruvian place in Rockville and ate well. 
Tags: family

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