Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

A Productful Headache

Yesterday I stayed home with a headache. Yay for quiet days. The wound wound up productful as well. I powered through this revision of The Wind Before The Storm, finding myself at the end just after lunch. 49k words. Almost a novel. I don't see adding much to it unless my editor berates me. From there, I went into a fit of creating paper versions of my back catalog, including the paper version for All The Saints Are Dead. Along with all of that, I had to convert all my covers over to CreateSpace sizing, so I updated all my covers to 6x9. Along with that came fixing some flaws in my layouts, adding hyphenation and justification, and some judiciously applied small caps.

I worked all day and never really noticed.

Most of all, I really look forward to getting a paper copy of All The Saints Are Dead.
Tags: family

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