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Weekend Wrap

A weekend happened and I don't know why. That makes it a good weekend.

On Saturday I burned the last of the firewood that came with our house. The stuff was pretty lousy and I was damned happy to be done with it. I almost forgot the last round, but there were just enough live coals to revive the fire. So now, this year, I get to have some fun/work collecting up better firewood.

I spend the balance of my Saturday catching up with all the music administrivia which has been ignored by me. I ripped, labeled, and massaged all the cheap/free CD's that I've acquired recently as well as Amazon MP3's. That took a surprisingly long time.

On Sunday I came down with a headache. I think it was the vegan cheese that kindly found lactic acid to add in. Boo, lactic acid from non-dairy sources. That pretty much ruined my Sunday. That evening, we went to another church pot luck.