Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Long Weekend

Rain, snow, sleet, and two birthday parties. Does it get any worse than this?

For Chinese New Year, DesignGirl sang a song with her class up at the mall. Almost nothing could be heard of the song, of course, but the kids were far more organized and coherent than last year, putting on something that resembled a performance. Afterwards, we hit the candy store because there was just no way we were getting out of there without a candy store.

DesignGirl had her birthday over the weekend. The involved four friends over for a sleepover, plus all the ensuing chaos that goes with it. The movie was A Dolphin's Tale, and the girls stayed up until 1:30am. My wife Jenny made sure to put the fear of God into them, "If we have to come out once, that's forgiven, twice, and we have words, a third time and parents get called." The girls learned their lesson immediately. We slept. They didn't.

Jenny shepherded the girls. I shepherded the dirty dishes. That worked out pretty well.

Dinner were their own mini-pizzas. (Next time, we I think we should just order out.) Breakfast was crepes with Nutella.

The birthday cake itself was a Minecraft cake, with rice crispy treats for the sands and white cake for the blocks of land. Trees were made from Kit-Kats and rice crispy treats.

On Sunday, all the girls were entertained by me playing Minecraft. Yes, I was the center of attention. Minecraft was more interesting than Frozen.

After we sent most of the kids home, we went off to another party through wintery, icy weather. The party had already been postponed once due to weather.

After dinner, I set up the girl's new computer desk and assembled her refurbished computer.It's a Dell 755 that I got for free, then fixed. DesignGirl thinks that her computer should be in her room, as my computer is in my room, but for right now, her computer will be in the public area. She's already setting down rules and I don't blame her one bit. I still need to move over lots of data, but it's coming along.

My only real question: will she STOP using my computer? My bet is NO.
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