Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

End of Aspiration (Review)

If you need a turnkey style Japanese RPG, and you need it right now, then End of Aspiriation is for you.

Just go down the checklist to see that it contains everything that a JRPG should have:

  • Group of Heroes

  • Orphan (and lots of 'em)

  • Fallen Tech Civilzation

  • Ancient Ruins

  • Spells

  • Boss Fights

  • Buying and Selling

  • Chests

  • Dungeon Delving Quests for Widgets

Of note, this game did NOT have:

  • Betrayals

  • Romances

On the whole, you can guess what goes down. An orphan takes up the fight agains the Mafia, gathers a gang of do-gooders, then stomps around kicking evil in the balls. Do you really need more than that?

The battle system itself was a bit slow, but the Auto button worked well enough if I got bored. Sometimes, the frequency of fights got a bit tedious.

The talking heads part tended to drag as all the conversations were functional, often feeling stilted. The conversations conveyed the information that you needed to know, but did so without style. At best, the characterization was sufficient.

The game took me about 12 hours to complete, which is on-par with most Kemco games. This RPG will keep you occupied quite nicely for that time, and end when you've had enough of the game. (This is good in my opinion. It keeps the developers from adding in fluff content just to meet an arbitrary play time quota. Same story, fewer time wasters.) It's not the most amazing game in the world, but you didn't pay for that.
Tags: game review, rpg

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