Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Wrap

I worked on a few projects over the weekend.

My  main project was painting more of the basement wall. That took shoving stuff around, which took a while, and putting stuff away, which also took a while. At the end of the project, my workbench had reached the back corner of the basement and the front wall was ready for painting. The previously painted area painted well, and the unpainted cinder block sucked down paint, almost half the gallon of white. I wore myself out, so I still have more to paint.

I did laundry, forgetting to wash my own clothes. Doh!

I turned the side beds. Jenny's turning them into little greenhouses. We'll see how that works. We hope that it works well.

I wrapped up another draft of Double Jack, and I'm hoping that this ending finally sticks.

I've begun rearranging my office at home. I put up shelves over the desk, putting my amp up there. Meanwhile, I'm emptying my metal rack. That will go downstairs. My goal is to unbox my remaining books by clever shoving stuff about. The main sore spot seems to be my color printer, which is rather favored by the shorter members of the family. I'll have to think about that.
Tags: family

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