Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

I Hate Colds

In the last few years, colds have become miserable for me. For some reasons, head colds no give me headaches. Nasty ones, too. They are no fun, and they make quick colds ever so much more terrible than they used to be.

Given vast amount fo free time and little incentive to stand up, I spent half the day completing Final Fantasy III. One distraction down. Only a pile more to go. In my reading projects, I'm inching along The Beautiful and the Damned, determined to reach the end, and knocking through l'Engle at a quicker pace, as I'm already halfway through A WInd At The Door.

AND one more thing. I hate Agent Carter's hat in Agent Carter. Given all the hats that existed in that era, the only one that you could pick was a fedora? Really? To me, that says, "She's a woman, but not really. She's an exception." No, I don't want an exception, I want a woman, being a woman, and perfectly competent because she's competent. 
Tags: family, opinionating

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