Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Review

The weekend started early with me on Friday as I took the day off for chores.

I had stuff to haul away from the basement to either recycling or the dumpster. Said stuff has now been taken away from the basement.

My car needed its oil changed. Got that done. I changed the air filter as well. I have had a dickens of a time clearing the Change Oil warning message on my car. I still don't have that cleared. It's being rather stubborn.

I had a GI appointment. This one was the bumped appointment that was a bumped appointment. To my surprise, the receptionist was surprised to see me as my GI usually did procedures on Fridays. Why was I there? Thus, I explained as they had called me and rescheduled the appointment. My main Doc was in a procedure, so I saw one of the junior docs. It all worked out, as that office usually has its act way together, but I'll be damned if that wasn't a cursed appoinment.

On Saturday, I made Coffee Cup-Cakes for breakfast, this time with streusel topping. That was a big hit with the family. We also had Aggie over for the day, who did not care for coffee cake so much.

Sunday was a busy day full of church, then a winter festival held at church. This festival went better than the last festival, all together going more smoothly. Last time, there were only two things that I could eat, so I volunteered to bring an entree, giving me three things to eat. Rather than buy little pigs in a blanket at $5/10 pieces, I bought a 24 pack of hot dogs and three crescent roll cans. Total cost: $15, making well over 100 pieces. That 3-4x the amount for the same price.

I wrote a Minecraft based story and showed that to my daughter. DesignGirl was ecstatic. She loved the whole thing and gave me a few suggestions. If this sells, I'll write more, but as my daughter wants more, I'll likely write more anyway.
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