Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

MLK Weekend

Being the MLK weekend, I had an extra day off and I used it to ignore all you people.

I sent my wife out of town to visit her mom. They had great fun sorting stuff out and seeing a few movies. I'm glad that they had a fun time.

Meanwhile, I spent the weekend with my daughter, DesignGirl. With my wife away, she wanted to spend the night in my bed, which became two nights. I reserved the third night for myself. Although my daughter doesn't thrash as much as she used to, she still winds up at odd angles and I get surprised at the myriad of ways that I get get poked.

On Saturday, we had a special outing to the skating rink in Rockville. Based on previous years, I expected much hoopla but not much in the way of performance. History repeated itself on Saturday as DesignGirl went around the rink once and was done. That's $23 total for one lap around the rink. After that, we went off to Five Guys, then visited the frozen yogurt place. Great fun was had by all.

If I was a decent skater, I would have kept skating and demanding that my daughter do the same. As I wasn't, I had no desire to continue the agony.

I hauled my daughter to church. She actually wanted to go because she hadn't seen her friends in a long time. While helping out with the kids during church, as we give the kids something else to do during the most boring parts of church, we had a paper airplain flying competition. Yours truly was the victor, beating out the nearest competetors, Alberto and Benji, by a good two feet.

On Sunday, the Parents of Small Children group had a pot luck in the evening. All the peer-aged girls from church were there, so they glommed into a group and had a grand time. Being winter, cheese was on the menu, which gives me a headache, so my dinner wound up being a slice of brown bread. We boys amused ourselves with a game of Settles of Cataan. Again, great fun was had. We didn't play with the thief, to spare the kids, which resulted in some side-affect wakiness.

Monday was quiet. I cleaned. I read. I cleaned some more. I took Design Girl to an appointment. I made dinner.

We wrapped up the evening with a showing of Rainbow Rocks. I didn't notice any tension, but both my wife and daughter were cringing in tension. Funny how that works. That's giving me something to think about.

Last night, I decided to try writing a Minecraft based story. I wrote out 2k words in 1 hours. That's insanely fast and my hands are still complaining a little bit. That stuff is mind-numbingly easy to write. My plan is to give the work a pen name and publish it as a short. If the kids read it, I'll write more.
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