Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Don't You Get It?

The next book on my reading list was Don't You Get It? Living With Auditory Learning Disabilities. This book is noteworthy as all the authors of the work have APD.

Of particular note for this book is Chapter 4, Harvey Edell's Story. In this description of his life, I recognized my own. In fact, there are vast tracks where I could just cut and paste. If I gave selected bits from chapter to my mother, she might think it was about me. If any bit of this book convinced me on APD, it was this one.

In addition, each adult with APD has cited many of the same issues in school and work, and many of the same solutions. That's the real kicker. These are all intelligent people who've worked out what works to the same solution. Amazing.

I found this a very useful book. I like harder science works, and this one got a bit into science, learning, testing, and other such topics. I found it all great fun. I found almost no sense of touchy-feely here, which I think is great. I don't like the sappy soundtrack playing, making my experience seem ever so sensitive. Just give me the facts and talk about the subject like an adult.

As an adult, this is a book to read for yourself. Seeing yourself and your experiences reflected in others is very enlightening, especially as these are adults articulating difficult to articulate experiences.
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