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Ford Five Hundred in the Snow

In finally drove my Ford Five Hundred in the snow. The results were rather good. First off, the weight of the car helped. The thing had no problem putting enough force on the ground. The anti-lock braked did their job and did it often. The AWD kicked in frequently. I could feel the change, unlike my Subaru, which never even hinted at changing. The weird transmission actually helped drive in snow as it makes over-revving almost impossible.

I did not get stuck once. The problem with an AWD vehicle is that everyone else gets stuck.

Viers Mill Road got terribly hosed by the storm yesterday. I spent an hour going 100 yards, and that was just to turn around because traffic wasn't moving. I didn't try leaving home again until noon. I slogged out. The moment that I was off Viers Mill, traffic became easy.