Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Monday was so busy that I never got to the weekend wrap.

On Saturday, my daughter Design Girl was off to her aunt's house for a crafting day and a sleepover. I spent the day puttering about the house and doing some writing.

My wife discovered that our favorite vegetarian restaurant, the Vegetable Garden, still existed. We had thought that they had gone out of business, but they had in fact relocated. So date night was dinner at the vegetarian place. As the day was rainy and cold, we wanted to stay in, but we made ourselves go down to Georgetown for the farewall concert of our church music director, Theew.

Sunday was more putzing about. There's not much to say about Sunday.

I made okinomiyaki for Sunday dinner, which is a Japanese style noodle pancake with egge and bacon cooked in. It's good stuff, but I didn't yet have the knack for making them, and Jenny's skills had deteriorated to something sketchy. Still, it all turned out edible, so say yay for edible food.
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