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I think that I did something this weekend, so this weekend must have been good.

Saturday morning was a trip out to Nick's Diner. On Sunday morning, I made scones.

We put up the tree on Saturday night, followed by a rocking fun game of fairies. I got to play "evil" Rosetta, whose assigned job was to think of evil plans. That was unreasonably fun. On Sunday night, we put the lights on the tree.

I mowed the side yard, both mulching up the leaves and doing a final mow of the grass. More compost. Jenny ran out for more compost so that we can start the blueberry beds. In the afternoon, I ran off to the barn with my daughter to hook up with Xpioti and her two maniacs.

Sunday was another headache for me. I have no idea what I ate that gave me the headache. Drat it all.

I'm now mostly done with this round of Double Jack. I need to send it to my faithful readers. I get to see how this new ending stands up.