Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Wrap

We had a weekend. Dinner on Friday was at the Woodside Deli.

On Saturday, we hosted an all-day playdate for my daughter and ate plenty of waffles. I shorted the flour on the waffles by a quarter cup and the result was far fluffier waffles. In yard work, I hacked apart the root ball that I doug out in the spring. It was now dried out enough to smash and pull apart.

Sunday was the usual church, folled by a visit to Mark's place (my brother-in-law) for dinner. Between church and Mark's, I left my wife Jenny in Georgetown to write.

I also took out a few light fixtures down the basement. I did great until I cut a power line that fed the upstairs bedrooms. Damn. So I had to do an emergency splice on that. My daughter was not amused as I stopped her video time. She came down the basement to supervise and ask, "Are you done yet?"

I'm onto the next book in my 70's reading project, The Riddle Master of Hed, by Patricia McKillip.
Tags: family

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