Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Halloween and then Some

For Halloween, my daughter, DesignGirl, went out as Elsa from Frozen along with my wife, Jenny, dressed as Puss In Boots. DG did her duty, collected candy, and came home. He had dreadfully few kids, but at the last minute, a group of twelve hit the house, cleaning out our candy, and smashing the previous Halloween numbers to bits.

Over the weekend, I did some digging in the yard removing poke berry roots. Most of them came out easy, but there was this one right up against a fence post that was murder to dig out. I still haven't quite gotten it, but I did take an axe to it to greatly reduce its lifespan. Be assured, there are still more poke berries to be murderized. I also began clearing the elephant grass away from the apple trees. My goal is to dig the roots out in the springtime, moving the grasses back to the fenceline. Meanwhile, I'm keeping what I can so that the birds can eat the seeds.

This autumn, I am clearly reaping the rewards of all my work last spring when I cleaned up the back yard fenceline. I am already making far better time as I don't need to dig up quite so many root systems.

I'm behind on reading "Castle Roogna." I've not been getting as much time while helping my daughter with her homework. We've hit a groove and I'm part of that groove.

Now that I'm done All The Saints, I'm moving back to Double Jack. I clipped off 20k words and now I'm back in the saddle and going in a different direction. Let's see where I can take this boat in a month. 
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