Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Lunar Eclipse

The whole family got up early this morning to watch the lunar eclipse. Early on we could watch it from my daughter's bedroom window, but later on we had to walk out into the street as the lowering moon began disappearing behind trees. After the adventure was over, my wife ran out for donuts.

Yesterday, I sold off my Subaru Outback 1996. I was finally ready to let go of it. I put a Craigslist ad in Saturday and sold it on Tuesday. I'm sure that I could have gotten more out of it in hindsight, but I got more than the online price calculators said it was worth. Most importantly, I recovered the cost of the car's last repair. So now Jenny's car can get new tires. Yay. My new car can get all its fluids changed and maybe the upper strut mounts.
Tags: family

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