Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Wrap

Miss Dash had a sleepover on Saturday night, giving me and my wife a free night in, which resulted in much needed sleep. You see, Miss Dash wanted to give the neighbor's girl an Elsa doll, but Elsa dolls are not to be had, so Jenny decided to design and create an Elsa outfit for the neighbor's girl. She worked most of the night and much of the next day on it. It turned out fabulously and was well received. Now my daughter wants an outfit for her own Barbie.

Sunday was my family's annual Crabfest. We had our usual assortment of crab, crab soup, fried chicken, cole slaw, cucumbers and cream, and finger food. My sister Val flew up from Raighley/Durham. We took the new car up so that the family could see it, the males in particular being very attentive to who has what car.

Meanwhile, I've have installed an old hard drive into my main desktop so that I have room for games. My SSD was getting rather tight and I don't have the money to buy another. So, I recycled, and in doing so, found that my old 500gb had a jumper limiting it to 1.5mbs, which was crazy. The drive immediately became far nicer at 3.0mbs. After I put the drive in, it was a matter for installing games and moving games. With the older games, I had to wrestle with the system being Windows 7 and the games being written for XP. I didn't get much chance to play the games, just a little of this and a little of that.

Now I want to back files up to my cheapo NAS, but wireless is agonizingly slow. I want to pick up some power line network connectors so that I can transmit at higher speeds down to the NAS in my basement, and maybe get some better bandwidth as well. My dad had a computer go bad, so he gave me the monitor back. I forgot to get the computer off of him. The thing only had a bad hard drive. I can fix that with parts that I just have laying about. 
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